When passion for calligraphy and details collide.

I'm fueled by helping brides create special details that they can look back on for years to come (oh and coffee, lots of coffee). I know what it's like to plan a wedding, and try to remain a functioning human being at the same time. Let me help you. I'm Nikki, the girl behind Made by Meer. 

To me, calligraphy is more than just "good handwriting" it's a reflection of the countless hours put into practice and the hundreds of brides that I have worked with. It's the ability to add unique touches to special occasions and life changing events.

 If you value the sentiment of a handwritten note or get giddy for monograms, let's be friends. A few other things that make me, well me: my husband and idea bouncer offer, my sweet (always eating) son, friends that I don't have to clean up the house for, a strong cup of coffee and a book that was probably on the "it list" a year ago, and treasure hunting (antiquing) when I can be in the same state as my mom or grandma.

I will do my best to make you a happy, tell your friends how easy I made it for you, client. 


When you work with me you can expect that I will stand behind my business values: 

Family and Faith first

Improvement through the determination to never to stop learning

Put passion and heart behind creating a positive client experience

Dedicate time for creativity

Treating others how I would want to be treated

Stand by quality of work with attention to detail